Sura Medura Artist in Residence announced

Visual Artist Kit Mead has been awarded the Sura Medura Residency.
He will be in Sri Lanka in January 2013.

Artist Statement

Kit Mead’s practice responds to the dynamics of a period of time being defined by uncertainty and transition, focusing on how technological progress is altering our response to the expectation and awareness of temporal change. Through rigidly structured processes, Kit uses time as a material to create situations where there is a collision between systems of technology, history, the cinematic and the experience of ‘lived time’.

For the Sura Medura Residency Kit will be developing new work that explores the blurring of fact and fiction through the history of the Sri Lankan film set for ‘Bridge on the River Kwai’, 1957.

Kit Mead 1973 Installation
Image from Kit’s 2012 exhibition “1973” in The Galley, Carlisle. Photograph courtesy of Max Fox