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Following artists as they adapt their practise and respond to the pandemic, Wraptheworld welcomes updates from artists.

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Stephen Hurrel: Periplum: PIA – Projectos de Intervenção Artística CRL : R.M. Sánchez-Camus: Alex Rigg: Rosa Smits: Angus Farquhar: Elisabeth Schilling: Luke Jerram: Dave Stephens…..

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Stephen Hurrel

From HERE_to THERE was a live, digital broadcast that collapsed the space between ‘here’ and ‘there’ by creating an artwork directly on each viewer’s screen.Viewers were invited to take a photograph of their computer screen within their own space, and email it to the artist. Their images were then combined with a photograph of the reverse-perspective of the screen – the artist’s perspective – to create an artwork unique to each participant

Stephen Hurrel is a visual artist interested in cross-disciplinary explorations of media and contexts. His work, which utilises video, sound, sculpture, text, photography and writing, is currently focused on coastal environments and the sea.


A sonic journey through 7 Alleys, where legends of East Hull were born from the imaginations of children. Built around 7 ghost stories, the piece is adapted from Periplum’s performances for Hull City of Culture and remotely recorded with Hull actors and community during lockdown. Supported by Back to Ours.

Periplum create ground-breaking site-responsive & outdoor theatre performance with original music composition and text. Periplum is led by founders and artistic directors Claire Raftery & Damian Wright, who design, write & direct all of the company’s work. For 7 Alleys, they collaborated with composers Barry Han & Mike Simmonds

PIA – Projectos de Intervenção Artística CRL 

O2 [OXYGEN] it’s the most recent creation from Company PIA, a Performance to present during and beyond covid that through the languages of Physical Theater and Animated Forms, invites the public to reflect on how society could survive, where technology fades human relations and the access to oxygen becomes a luxury.

PIA Intervention Artistic Projects is a portuguese Street Performing and Visual Arts professional company, with more than 18 years of existence, with a traveled work presented in Europe, Asia and South America, which have been contributing and influencing the continuous growth and solidification of this artistic collective.

R.M. Sánchez-Camus

The Invisible Skin – An audio walk for one person to listen to on headphones in the comfort on your own home. Created in response to the current lock down measures experience a work of art and a performance in the safety of your personal space. The Invisible Skin explores the barriers we have both internal and external and invites us to consider our role in putting up these barriers as well as overcoming them. Public art made accessible privately.

R.M. Sánchez-Camus (UK/ Chile)Marcelo is a creative practitioner whose practice incorporates community co-authorship into installation, performance and text.His work focuses on collaboration, interaction, psychogeography, and community wellbeing. An important strand of his practice the building of support and exchange systems for artists, curators, activists and scholars working in social art practice.

Ecdysis (In Vivo) – visceral costume, dance and music. Performers and audience are invited to step out of their old skins and grow together. Together with leading electronic music Producers we are making a series of chapters to represent each species of Reptile found living in the wild in the UK.

Alex Rigg is artistic director of Oceanallover, an experimental Performing Arts company based in Scotland. His work is strongly visual and makes site-responsive events for both urban and rural landscapes. His performances are pieces are visual poetry and invite the viewer to enter an alternative reality

Rosa Smits

Art installation ‘Dag, oude stamppot’ (By, old stew) contains shredded memories of beloved deceased ones and cancelled future dreams. The volume visualizes the Dutch mortality rate. This installation encourages people to share feelings and to empathise with another. A memorial which reveals the importance of taking each other into account


Rosa Smits is an Amsterdam based Artist and Freelancer. Her work often holds space for others to take part.Her art mainly aims to raise awareness and/or to re-establish connections between people and their environment.

Angus Farquhar

An Empty Gunny Bag Cannot Stand“adapted a growing project from derelict land to Kelvindale during lockdown with 150 neighbours  growing potatoes on their front doorsteps, then we opened a chip shop at SWG3 and created the first live performance with contemporary music in Scotland since March.

Angus Farquhar is Creative Director of Aproxima Arts, the company is currently working on ‘Over Lunan’,  a vast sound production, which will take place at Lunan Bay, Angus, in May 2021

Elisabeth Schilling

Invisible Dances: Art after Lockdown The unannounced performance of the Invisible Dances takes places at night: dancers (social distanced ) gather in a city and move their way through. Followed by the same number of tracers, who manifest the dancer’s pathway through chalk spray traces on the floor, the team clads the town in color to surprise, inspire and stimulate its inhabitants in the morning.

Elisabeth Schilling ( is a dancer and choreographer. Based between Germany, Luxembourg and the UK, her company creates and tours to Europe’s capitals as well as its most rural regions. Elisabeth’s work fuses design, movement and music in playful ways for black box, visual arts and sight specific contexts.

Luke Jerram

Luke Jerram’s multidisciplinary arts practice involves the creation of sculptures, installations and live artworks. Living in the UK, but working internationally, Jerram creates art projects which excite and inspire people around the world. He has created and presented several projects during the pandemic

In Memoriam is a touring installation that is a temporary memorial for the public to visit and remember all those we have lost from the COVID-19 pandemic. The artwork is also made in tribute to all the healthcare workers and volunteers who have been risking their lives during the crisis.

Lullaby At dusk, when the suburban streets are quiet and empty music can be heard drifting down the streets and a shoal of twinkling lights is seen in the distance, getting closer. The music is coming from speakers attached to 40 decorated bikes producing the most ambient light and serene music.

Covid Sculpture. Luke Jerram has created a coronavirus – COVID-19 – glass sculpture in tribute to the huge global scientific and medical effort to combat the pandemic.  Made in glass, at 23cm in diameter, it is approximately 2 million times larger than the actual virus

Of Earth and Sky, is a large-scale poetry installation by Luke Jerram, taking place across Gloucester from Mon 24 August – Sun 1 November 2020. The poetry, created by Gloucestershire residents has been installed as a sculpture trail in 31 parks and public places across the city for people to discover and interact with.

Dave Stephens

Dave Stephens is a multi media artist who works with sculpture, installation, film and performance art. He has exhibited and performed all over the world including exhibitions at the Laing Gallery in Newcastle and the Economist Building in London. His film work includes Hinch about the performance artist Ian Hinchliffe which was co-produced with Roger Ely and Matt Page.  A collaborative film ”Veil” that he made with his son Will for the Orwell Society has been shown in Manchester, Leeds and Oxford. Will is part of the Arts Collective Shredit and he is a postgraduate student in architecture.

Stalactite Stalagmit
During lockdown Stephens has done a series of works in direct response to the COVID  crisis. As part of this he has produced some film pieces in collaboration with his son Will. The first one was Come Hell and Homework and now this one Stalactite Stalagmite, link below:

Stalactite, Stalagmite

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Come Hell and Homework (link)
Come Heaven and Homework