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There is a train track which runs parallel to the main road through Hikkaduwa, carrying freight and passengers up and down the West coast of the island, and along the southern edge. 

We cycle along by the railway most days, passing by the many homes and small businesses which face the tracks. There are several small stations – Thiranagma, Kumarakanda, and 
Dodanduwa, as well as the larger one at Hikkaduwa.

Small roads cross the tracks from the main road, heading into the jungle and to the many small villages which are located there.
At all of these crossings there are barriers which come down when the trains approach, bells clanging a warning that a train is on its way, although there will always be those who slip under the barrier to cross before the train comes thundering through, or indeed those who cross the line at random places.

Informal railway crossing, Susil, the signal man, Thiranagama Station

Every so often, there sits a small hut, usually adjacent to a train station, and inside that hut sits a man whose job it is to lower the barriers. 
Tune in for another update to learn more about Susil, the signal man.



Coconut groves, mango, cinnamon, pine.Salty air and surging surf.Shifting sands.Bike rides along the railway,Tuk-Tuk horns and racing buses.Baby turtles.

Baby Turtles

Notary office ladies,cabinets crammed with papers.The signal man in his hut, waiting for the sound of trundling train.Bin men, grabbing bags of garbage.Bicycle repair, clothes washing, hat weaving,the hidden workers of Hikkaduwa.

Signal Man

Lion Beer, spicy prawns, fresh coconut relish.Mangosteen.Tuna, tuna, tuna.
Arrack attack!


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