symposium for artists, performers, producers, programmers and funders working in outdoor arts and events took place on July 4th 2020

It was to provide a platform to bring together professionals from the outdoor arts and events sector to learn from each other as we develop strategies in response to COVID-19. There were 25 presentations from producers and artists from across the UK, France Austria, Ireland and Canada to an audience of 155.

Click here for the programme

View the videos of the zoom sessions below:

Moving Out Part One
Moving Out Part Two
Moving Out Part Three
Break Out room 1
Break Out room 2
Break Out room 3
Break Out room 4

Following the Moving Out Symposium R.M. Sánchez-Camus. (Marcelo) and Martin Danziger   agreed to Chair two further sessions to explore issues emerging from the symposium. Here are the videos of the discussions they chaired.  

Publicly engaged work – Strategies to work with the public whilst observing social distancing with R.M. Sánchez-Camus.
Moving On – Strategies for Designing and Creating work during Covid – 19 chaired by Martin Danziger 

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