Moving Out – 2021

The 7th Edition of Moving Out will take place on-line on Friday July 9th 2021, between 10am – 1.30pm. Register for the event at

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Moving Out is an annual symposium that brings together professionals from the outdoor arts and events sector across the UK and beyond. Presented by Surge, Wrap the World and Articulation, it hopes to provide opportunities to learn from one another as we focus on the contemporary issues central to our practice. As we start to emerge from the restrictions that have affected us all during the pandemic, Moving Out will this year involve four topics:

Presenting Work

We explore how producers have presented work throughout lockdown and how they intend to be presenting work in 2021/22.  How will events and festival feel and how will the platforms that bring artists and audience together change? There will be a discussion of opportunities for artists in 2021/22.


“If anything, art is… about morals, about our belief in humanity.
Without that, there simply is no art.” Ai Weiwei

Outdoor artists provide a unique perspective as to how to make use of public space, and our social and political relationship to it.  Artists are invited to discuss their work’s political implications, and how outdoor art’s activism responds to a ‘public space’ that now expands beyond the street corner. 


Whilst the UK might have left the EU we remain firmly attached to Europe.

We explore how to maintain relationships with festivals and artists across our continent.

With Covid also making borders much ‘harder’ than they have ever been for a generation, we ask how international artists intend to surpass them in future. 

Scottish Outdoor Arts Platform 

The Scottish Outdoor Arts Platform will connect artists and promoters who have work or programming slots available in Scotland from Summer ‘21 – Summer ‘22. The session will offer artists, venues, festivals, local authorities and third sector organisations to give a short ‘pitch presentations’ on current works available for touring, commissions or programming opportunities 

The pitching session will be followed by a series of scheduled one-to-one speed dating session between artists and promoters to discuss partnerships in more depth.

Scottish Outdoor Arts Index 

Articulation are compiling an index of artists making work for the outdoors, promoters actively seeking open air performance opportunities and arts professionals with capacity and skills to offer. The index will act as a tool to connect artists, arts workers and presenting organisations looking to develop outdoor arts partnerships from now until Summer 2022.

The symposium will begin with a plenary session involving presentations on each of the three topics. This will be followed by smaller breakout workshops hosting further discussion between a panel of specialists and the audience. The symposium will reunite for the final session, allowing for feedback from the workshops and the presenting of the Scottish Outdoor Artists’ Platform.
If you wish to participate as a panellist: 

Please email  and in the subject of the email include the panel you would wish to join. Please include a brief statement describing your background/interest in that subject (max 50 words).  

If you wish to participate in the Scottish Outdoor Arts Platform: 

Please email for more information about how to pitch at the platform event, participate in the speed dating, or to submit an entry in the Scottish Outdoor Arts Index. 

If you wish to register as audience for the Symposium
Please go to or click the button below.

Speakers and panellists will be announced in the coming weeks.

Moving Out is organised by 

Neil Butler – Creative Director

Alan Richardson – Director

Martin Danziger –

Stanley Smith – Project Manager 

Visit last year’s event at the link here – Moving Out 2020.